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Instagram helps you to connect with your friends and family through photos and videos.

Stay connected to your people by sharing your love with photos, stories, videos and much more. Login now to Instagram and explore a new world of fun.

Instagram Features

Add Posts Using Images

Create unlimited posts with multiple images selected upto 10 images with filters. You can also integrate Boomerang and layouts with your Instagram post.

Featured Stories

Add Type stories to write your thoughts, Images with emoji, texts and location, Boomerang, Superzoom, Rewind, Hands-free.

Instagram Go Live

Instagram Go Live helps to share yourself online to the world live. You can invite one of your friend to go live with you and responds to your commentators.

Add Posts Using Videos

Add multiple videos upto 60 seconds. Try Boomerang with videos to make them more appealing. You can try IGTV feature to post long videos as well.

Geo-tagged posts

If your geo-tagged feature is turned on, Instagram helps you and your followers to know the exact location you posted the content.

Multiple Instagram Accounts

With a single application, you can manage multiple Instagram accounts. You can also integrate Facebook profile and follow your Facebook friends in Instagram.

How to Login Instagram?

Instagram Login through Application

Instagram App Login

Download Instagram app for -

Install the app simply. If it ask to allow the permissions, do it.

Enter your username/mobile number/email registered and password and click on Log In button.

Alternatively, you can login through your Facebook account by clicking Log in with Facebook button.

When you log in through Facebook, you will need to allow Instagram to access few data of Facebook. Allow it and you will get logged in.

Instagram Login through Website

Instagram Website Login

Open the website in any browser

You can either login through Facebook by clicking the Log in with Facebook button or click on Log in button at bottom of the screen.

After going with Log in with Facebook, you just need to give access to few informations Instagram wants from Facebook and you will be loggedin.

If you have clicked on Log in option, you will need to enter Enter your username/mobile number/email registered and password and click on Log In button and you will be logged in.

You can also download the applications and use them in mobile devices - Download Instagram app for -

Can't Login to Instagram?

Are you facing difficulty logging in to your Instagram account?

Your Internet is working properly, still you are unable to log in.

You are also sure that you are using proper Email/username, but still having issues logging in?

There are many reasons you might be facing this issue - Issues with Cache or Cookies of application/browser, wrong password or server issue. But don't worry, you will surely get the solution here.

Ways to Login to Instagram

1 Turn Mobile Data or WIFI Off and On Again

Data off and on

In most of the case, the issue with Log In is because of the network itself. The Internet speed troubles in sending your login request to Instagram servers, and hence, they are not able to recognize your account. In return, they sent back the message that your Email or Password is incorrect.

If you are using mobile data, make sure your data pack is not over. If it is over, then the network should be full or else you might face login issue.

If you are using WIFI, make sure the WIFI pack is not over. In mobile, you may not know when it is over, but in computer or laptop, the WIFI sign will have yellow icon, saying Limited.

If you have data and still you are facing this issue, I hardly suggest you to refresh the connection by turning your mobile data or WIFI off and on again. Then try Instagram Login.

Most of the issues solves by following this method.

2 Clear Cache and Data

Clear Cache

Even after updating the application, the changes does not reflect in the application due to Cache problem. Many times, the website looks similar in the browser, as it was before making changes. It is due to Cache.

In such cases, it is advisable to clean Cache and if it won't help, clean data of your application.

To clean cache, Go to Settings > Applications > Instagram and click on Clear cache.

To clean data, Go to Settings > Applications > Instagram and click on Clear data.

Now try opening the application. It will open as a fresh app and you can successfully login to your account.

3 Reset Password of Instagram Account

Instagram Forgot Password

As said earlier, most of the cases are due to network issue only. If the above two solutions won't help, you can try resetting your password.

To reset the password, open Instagram application, click on Get help signing in.

It will ask you to enter Instagram username, or the email or phone number linked with your account. Just enter one of those and click Next button.

Now choose Email or SMS option. Based on the chosen option, you will receive a password reset link. Open it in your browser and enter new password and confirm password and click the Reset Password button.

After resetting the password, open the app and login. It will work!

You can also reset your password through browser from here.

4 Report Issue to Instagram

Report to Instagram

After so many tries, if still you have login issue, you can report this to Instagram team.

You can do this by opening the application and click on Get help signing in. After that click on Instagram Help Center at the bottom of screen.

In Instagram Help Center, Go down in Frequently asked questions (FAQ) > Login Troubleshooting.

Find out the reason of login you think of and read the suggested solution by them.

If you think that your account is either disabled or hacked by someone, they have solution for this also. Click Here to go to login troubleshooting page.

Hope you can login successfully by following one of those solutions.

Instagram login with fb

There are many options to login Instagram account but the most easiest way is login instagram with fb because if facebook account is logged in the browser so your Instagram account can be logged in one click but make sure that your Instagram account is linked with Facebook. Inside instagram account settings you can check "Linked" section and can know it is linked with Facebook or not.

Login Here

My Instagram Account Is Hacked

Don't worry if you think your Instagram account is hacked. Do these now. Login your Instagram account - Go to settings - Open Two factor authentication - Enter your phone number (option 1) - Now you can get OTP code on your numer "Enter it" - now capture screenshot of recovery codes. Please save it securely Done. If you still think your account can be hack so I would storongly change password of Instagram, Change password of gmail account and last thing check if your Instagram account is linked with any other social network Like: Facebook, Twitter (If yes then "Unlink" Now).

Activate Two Factor Authentication Here

How To Disable Instagram Account For Some Days?

You want to disable Instagram account for sometime right? don't worry here is simple step to disable Instagram account. Open below given URL in "UC Browser Or Google Chrome" (you can also use any other browser but not Instagram application). Now select why do you want to disabled Instagram and enter your account password, Done. You can login account whenever you want to "Re-active" no matter 1 day OR 100 days. (there is no limit ffor disable)

Disabled Instagram Account
Temporary Disable Instagram Account Here

Instagram suspicious login attempt

It happens when you or someone trying to login/access Instagram account in different browser and connection which are not from the same location OR someone attacking to bruteforcer on your Instagram account. To avoid the situation change your Instagram account password and enable Two factor authentication.

Instagram suspicious login attempt
Open Instagram

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